Why are payments processed with PayPal, I don't have an account?

We use PayPal to offer you a secure payment proccess, you don't need an account you can just use your card details as normal still benefitting from the secure payment process.

I'm interested in becoming a stockist.

If you're interested in becoming a stockist, please get in touch below.

My items don't seem as shiny as when I got them why is this?

Sterling Silver jewellery tarnishes due to oxidisation with elements in the air, which is the nature of Sterling Silver and nothing to worry about. Tarnishing will begin as the items looking dull or white patches and will develop to darker colour patches/stain appearance over the item, this can be from orange-brown to black. We suggest using a Silver polishing cloth to gently clean your items and they will shine like new. Please view our care section for more information. We reccommed a Goddard's Sterling Silver Polishing cloth. 

Please note tarnishing is not the same as silver plating coming off. Our items are 925 Sterling Silver, items are not plated and will not lose their silver colour.

Do you cater for weddings or events?

Yes we do! We can also work with you to design a bespoke piece for your wedding day or as bridesmaid gifts to fit with your style, colours and budget.

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